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Careers at topline farms

Position Title – Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

Reports to Shipping and Receiving Manager


Duties and Responsibilities: 

The Shipping and Receiving Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations in the department:

  • Daily tracking of outbound orders according to the priority list.  Checking for cut-off times and paying close attention to what commodities are still needed from the production and the commodity teams in order to complete the orders.  Coordinating with the receiving and production departments to meet these goals.    

  • Oversee the Shipping Clerks to ensure that they are staying on priority trucks and ensuring that they are being loaded accordingly in the correct trailers and in the correct sequence.

  • Supervise the tag entry and Bill of Lading process being completed by the Shipping Clerks.  Ensure that all steps are being done correctly and according to the customer specifications.  Understanding the entire process and being able to complete the job in case of staff shortages.

  • Ensuring product is stored accurately and efficiently.  Checking coolers on a consistent basis (multiple times daily) to ensure they are being kept up and properly rotated.

  • Supervising the shipping order pickers, ensuring they are working on priority orders and assisting them when they have trouble finding allocated products.

  • Staging orders and loading of trucks.  Ensuring that pallet and box integrity is up to our customer standards.  (All skids are wrapped or banded with no damage to pallet or boxes)

  • Assisting with inventory control and cycle counts.  Ensuring that staff in shipping and receiving are properly decrementing inventory tags prior to the product being returned to the coolers.

  • Supervision of all staff in the shipping and receiving departments.  Ensuring that employees follow Food Safety Policies (Hygiene and Worker Practices), Company Safety Policies; including adhering to break schedules.  Communicating with fellow supervisors to keep each other informed about employee performance.

  • Assessing the workload on a day-to-day basis; deciding whether employees are to be sent home early or if there are other tasks that may need to be done in the Shipping & Receiving departments. 

  • Be present and available on the floor, while actively supervising the team. This includes helping Clerks, Banders and Drivers periodically with tasks and demonstrating your knowledge of the job. Providing regular feedback on performance and offering correction and constructive criticism where it is needed. 

  • Ensuring the airline lock policy is being followed.  Checking trailers outside and locking them up according to the procedure.

  • Cross-Training all Forklift Operators and Clerks between shipping and receiving.  Ensuring that all employees understand the two departments are one in the same.


Required Skills:

  •  Proven experience in a distribution/production environment

  •  Strong attention to detail and proven leadership ability

  •  Intermediate computer proficiency, particularly with Excel

  •  Strong organizational, multitasking, and prioritizing abilities

  •  Self-motivated; positive can-do and results-oriented attitude

  •  Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills

        Please email your resume to: or contact us at (519) 398-3103

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