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how we grow

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Top-of-the-Line Technology

At Topline, we employ state-of-the-art technology to deliver sustainably grown produce all year round. Farming innovation is one of the driving forces of our business as we continuously implement new practices to achieve higher yields, better flavor, and the most efficient use of natural resources possible.

Closed-loop irrigation system reduces water use by 90%

Vertical growing results in higher yields per acre

Integrated Pest Management eliminates use of  harmful pesticides

led by innovation

Lit Culture extends the growing season, allowing us to cultivate crops resiliently even in the most challenging environments. Through the harsh Canadian winter, when natural light is scarce, our LED-equipped greenhouses provide the optimal conditions for plants to flourish, securing a consistent supply of Canadian-grown produce throughout the year.

Improved forecasting, visibility, & Ad planning

Surety of Supply through peak demand periods

365 days of Ontario-grown Bell Peppers

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packing automation

Ensuring an efficient production cycle is crucial across our entire operation. This commitment directly correlates with delivering higher-quality products to our retail partners and, ultimately, fresher produce to consumers. From the farm level to our packing warehouse, we utilize various automation methods to expedite the process of getting our produce onto retail shelves promptly and effectively.

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