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Top-of-the-Line Technology

Topline Farms applies state-of-the-art, greenhouse technology to deliver sustainable, 365-days, year-round produce. They say it takes a village. For the only 100% family owned and operated company like them, it has taken the dedication, ingenuity and innovation of five hard working families who joined together to grow and ship their specialty produce and organic line. Rooted in the desire to produce fresh, wholesome food for over 20 years, they have always been committed to the most modern production methods. This ensures their partners always receive safe and delicious produce stamped with pride.

Lit Culture with LED lighting allows them growing seasons all year long. To ensure ripe, delicious freshness, they employ high wire production and robotic packing. Climbing high with global technology from world-class science, they have still never forgotten their roots. This is seen in their over 700 local employees, who are like extended family.

Exceptional Customer Experience

When you work with TopLine, you’re not just getting palate-pleasing produce. You’re getting exceptional customer service from a team of professionals — guaranteed. You’re getting the best quality produce grown under pristine conditions. You’re getting fresh, mouthwatering, and healthy products all year. Products grown by locals who care about the community, food safety, sustainability and service. Now in Canada, USA, and Mexico, their fresh produce is grown, packed in recycled packaging and shipped in our energy efficient trailers.

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